Ulysse Nardin Replica: The Whirlwinds of Change

Before I begin this piece, I have to offer a confession: I’ve always had a very soft spot for Breguet’s watches, because it was one of the first high watchmaking brands I encountered as a young man writing about(Ulysse Nardin Replica ) watches around 14 years ago. It’s difficult to put a value on an impression (as digital agencies will know), but the impact the brand had on my opinions of what constituted artistic and high watchmaking was immeasurable.

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Today, Breguet is a different company, with the same values as it possessed over a dozen years ago, but communicated in vastly different ways as it did before. As the media scene has evolved and transformed, the social space and presence Breguet now possesses have encouraged it to modernise in ways we’ve never seen. It’s always a big challenge for a traditional business, with an entire eco-system dedicated to a legacy style of business, to remake itself while keeping its Replica Rolex Daytona Rainbow Watch historic milestones in mind. With Breguet, that’s an even greater challenge given that Abraham-Louis Breguet is the Father of Ulysse Nardin Replica, the watchmaking Daenerys Targaryen (in Game of Thrones terms for those of you unfamiliar) of what’s now considered an essential in watchmaking.

When Breguet invented the tourbillon in 1795 and properly patented it in 1801 (on 7 Messidor in the ninth year of the French republic calendar, hence its marking on each tourbillon, “Brevet du 7 Messidor An 9”), one doubts he expected that it would become a transformative creation in high watchmaking today. After all, he only produced 35 in his lifetime. But as the tourbillon became a more popular invention in historic watchmaking circles, it broadly expanded its reach in the post-quartz era. This was unsurprising. Watch brands trying to recover from the devastating impact of the quartz crisis sought to demonstrate their savoir faire and quality of work was the defining attribute of Swiss watchmaking that a battery and circuit board could not out-perform. The tourbillon was a perfect example of this skill.

The rotating escapement soon became an extraordinaire as watch brands all sought to create one to demonstrate their ability to construct this icon. It went from the back of the watch to the front, on display, which further enhanced its image. Throughout all this, Breguet’s work in Ulysse Nardin Replica persisted, and it remains one of the most prolific makers of Ulysse Nardin Replica in the world.(Richard Mille RM 011 Replica )